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Height: ca. 7 cm
Number of slats: : 28
Distance between slats: ca. 3 cm

Product description:

This premium quality support frame with flexible birch slats can be conveniently and easily adjusted to your needs.

As many as 28 densely arranged slats make the frame able to successfully complement even the most flexible mattresses. The adjustable firmness in the lumbar section allows the support to be adjusted to individual requirements. And this is just the beginning, because with a few clicks of the remote control you can make the frame lift your tired legs or help you read a book comfortably by lifting your head and shoulders. The electrically adjustable head and leg sections provide a choice of as many as five different body positions. Each position provides appropriate support for your spine.

This support frame is also recommended for chronically ill people, who have to spend many hours in bed.

Important information:

  • The safe and correct use of the Macedonia frame means that it needs to be supported in at least three points (top, centre, bottom).
  • Importantly, this model’s load bearing capacity is 110 kg.
  • Macedonia is not suitable for use with flexible mattresses which are not reinforced with coconut coir or upholstery spacers. The more flexible the mattress, the better the frame will adapt to it.
  • The motor, which electrically adjusts the frame, is installed on the underneath of the frame and protrudes approx. 14 cm beyond it.

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