Type: pocket
Mattress height: ca. 24 cm
Cover as standard: PIXEL
Replacement cover: SILVER PROTECT, TENCEL
7 FIRMNESS ZONES – Mattress with 7 different firmness zones. The use of different zones in the mattress enables the correct positioning of individual parts of the body.
ANTI-ALERGIC – material with this symbol is free of harmful substances, and its surface inhibits the development of pathogenic microorganisms.
DOUBLE-SIDED – Mattresses with this symbol can be used on both sides. This option extends the lifespan of the mattress.
OCEAN BLUE – A type of latex with proven thermoregulating properties. Gel capsules absorb the heat emitted by the body, reducing the amount of moisture entering inside the mattress.
POLYURETHANE FOAM – the most popular base foam used in the production of mattresses. This material is lightweight, durable and resistant to damage. The density of the foam varies and is chosen in line with the design of a particular mattress.
VISCOELASTIC FOAM – This type of high resilience foam reacts to body temperature, and its flexibility increases along with the temperature. Under the influence of body weight and temperature, the surface of the foam readily adapts to the required shape.
40° WASH – The selected mattress cover can be washed at 40°C.
MULTIPOCKET SPRINGS – The design principle is the same as that of the pocket spring core. The difference is in spring density, which is 500 springs/m2.
HANDLES – The cover chosen for the model is fitted with fabric handles that make it easier to turn the mattress over and carry it. When selecting a replacement cover, this option is not always available.
VENTILATION – Products with this symbol feature optimum air flow thanks to the use of special ventilation bands or a specific design of the core.
SEPARABLE ZIPPER – The cover selected for the mattress has a separable zipper which that allows the material to be separated into two parts.
SIDES WITH DIFFERENT FIRMNESS – The sides of the mattress are of different firmness. The two sides with different firmness make the mattress more versatile.

Product description:

If you are unsure whether your mattress should be made using foam, latex or springs, the Nolli mattress will resolve all your uncertainties. We have combined all these elements in one model to achieve the highest level of comfort.

Specially designed materials manufactured with outstanding attention to detail are skilfully combined to guarantee unrivalled sleep comfort. The mattress is built around a seven-zone multipocket spring core, which accurately adapts to the shape of the body. As many as 500 small springs per square meter guarantee perfect support for the spine. This core is an excellent base for the Ocean Blue latex with temperature control abilities. Gel capsules absorb the heat emitted by the user, reducing the amount of moisture entering inside the mattress. Ocean Blue is pleasant to the touch and delicate to the skin, while being durable and anti-allergic. Its surface does not attract dust and serves as an effective barrier to the growth of bacteria and mites.

If instead of the cooling effect you prefer the feeling of being gently enveloped by the mattress, simply turn it over. The other side is lined with silky smooth and soft viscoelastic foam. It was initially developed for NASA, and it was used to help the astronauts cope with the changing atmospheric pressure. Janpol transports space-age solutions straight into your bedroom. A million tiny cells simultaneously react to body weight and temperature. They cause the foam surface to adapt to the body shape under the influence of weight and temperature, allowing the material to freely return to its original shape when no load is applied. The foam closely adheres to the contours of the body without exerting any pressure. It is also resistant to bacteria, mould, mites and other pathogenic microorganisms, which makes it perfect for people prone to and those suffering from allergies.

The Nolli mattress may not immediately take you to another galaxy, but you will certainly be able to discover the unearthly comfort of sleep.


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