Type: foam
Mattress height: ca. 24 cm
Cover as standard: TENCEL
Replacement cover: SILVER PROTECT
40° WASH – The selected mattress cover can be washed at 40°C.
ROLLED UP PACKING – Mattresses with this symbol can be rolled up. This makes them particularly easy to transport. The choice of this model should be indicated in the order.
REHABILITATION – Mattresses with this symbol are products that have received a positive opinion from rehabilitation centres and special certificates confirming them as products suitable for the prevention and treatment of spinal disorders. These mattresses are sold with a reduced VAT rate of only 8%.
DOUBLE-SIDED – Mattresses with this symbol can be used on both sides. This option extends the lifespan of the mattress.
VISCOELASTIC FOAM – This type of high resilience foam reacts to body temperature, and its flexibility increases along with the temperature. Under the influence of body weight and temperature, the surface of the foam readily adapts to the required shape.
HIGH RESILIENCE FOAM – This is a special type of foam with increased density and elasticity. Under the influence of weight, its structure perfectly adapts to the shape of the body. It is an extremely flexible, stable and very durable material.
ADJUSTABLE SUPPORT FRAME – Mattresses with this symbol can be used with adjustable support frames.
SEPARABLE ZIPPER – The cover selected for the mattress has a separable zipper which that allows the material to be separated into two parts.
SIDES WITH DIFFERENT FIRMNESS – The sides of the mattress are of different firmness. The two sides with different firmness make the mattress more versatile.

Product description:

The perfect balance between firmness and comfort is possible. You can find it in the Julia mattress – a design for a stronger, yet exceptionally comfortable sleeping surface.

It is a high and stable mattress with one side featuring greater firmness. Its core is made from high resilience and viscoelastic foams, which complement each other wonderfully. This combination ensures a high degree of comfort, but also keeps the spine in a healthy position. The high resilience foam is characterised by high elasticity and flexibility, providing excellent support for your body along its entire length, regardless of the position in which you sleep. This type of foam is perfect as the primary core, at a time when you require stronger support or as an effective base for the viscoelastic foam, which increases its elasticity while reacting to body heat.

The surface of the foam adapts to the body under the influence of its weight and temperature, allowing the material to freely return to its original shape when no load is applied. It provides exemplary support without exerting any pressure, which ensures unrestricted blood circulation and better blood supply to individual cells. This side is recommended to those who suffer from back and spinal pain, especially in the lumbar area. The viscoelastic foam is also resistant to bacteria, mould, mites and other pathogenic microorganisms, which makes it perfect for those suffering from allergies.

Julia is a safe rehabilitation mattress, and therefore its VAT rate is only 8%. It relieves discomfort associated with spinal ailments, assuring the correct position of the spine throughout the night, regardless of the sleeping position adopted.

The Julia mattress provides stable support and delicate swaddling during sleep. The use of various types of foams allows the firmness of the mattress to be changed in several seconds, adapting it to our individual needs.

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