Type: foam
Mattress height: ca. 24 cm
Cover as standard: TENCEL
Replacement cover: SILVER PROTECT
DOUBLE-SIDED – Mattresses with this symbol can be used on both sides. This option extends the lifespan of the mattress.
40° WASH – The selected mattress cover can be washed at 40°C.
POLYURETHANE FOAM – the most popular base foam used in the production of mattresses. This material is lightweight, durable and resistant to damage. The density of the foam varies and is chosen in line with the design of a particular mattress.
VISCOELASTIC FOAM – This type of high resilience foam reacts to body temperature, and its flexibility increases along with the temperature. Under the influence of body weight and temperature, the surface of the foam readily adapts to the required shape.
HIGH RESILIENCE FOAM – This is a special type of foam with increased density and elasticity. Under the influence of weight, its structure perfectly adapts to the shape of the body. It is an extremely flexible, stable and very durable material.
SEPARABLE ZIPPER – The cover selected for the mattress has a separable zipper which that allows the material to be separated into two parts.

Product description:

How many layers hold the secret to a comfortable sleep? If your mattress is too soft for you, the hint is five layers, because this is how many layers the Hebe model has.

The combination of five foams with different properties is a guarantee of solid support for your body. The more robust structure of the raw materials creates a firmer, yet still exceptionally comfortable mattress. When looking for a firm sleeping surface, you don’t have to resort to the proverbial plank of wood. The appropriate arrangement of the foams makes the entire mattress durable, while ensuring exceptional comfort of sleep.

The heart of the mattress is made from high base foam, which provides stability and appropriate support for the foams, which can be felt underneath the cover. The first such layer is high resilience foam, which is characterised by increased elasticity. It is an extremely durable raw material, resistant to compression, which quickly returns to its original shape when no load is applied. It reinforces the surface to a certain degree, preventing it from collapsing inwards and effectively strengthening the viscoelastic foam. This foam, in turn, delicately envelops the body and adapts to its contours under the influence of the generated heat. The structure of viscoelastic foam reduces the overall tension in the body, does not block circulation, thus reducing or completely relieving back pain.

All foams used to create the Hebe mattress are safe for allergy sufferers, because the material they are made of is not a nutrient for pathogenic microorganisms. This robust and incredibly comfortable model will give the support you need while providing you with the comfort of sleep you dream of.

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