Type: pocket
Mattress height: ca. 22 cm
Cover as standard: TENCEL
Replacement cover: SILVER PROTECT
7 FIRMNESS ZONES – Mattress with 7 different firmness zones. The use of different zones in the mattress enables the correct positioning of individual parts of the body.
REHABILITATION – Mattresses with this symbol are products that have received a positive opinion from rehabilitation centres and special certificates confirming them as products suitable for the prevention and treatment of spinal disorders. These mattresses are sold with a reduced VAT rate of only 8%.
ANTI-ALERGIC – material with this symbol is free of harmful substances, and its surface inhibits the development of pathogenic microorganisms.
DOUBLE-SIDED – Mattresses with this symbol can be used on both sides. This option extends the lifespan of the mattress.
LATEX – This material is obtained entirely from natural rubber tree milk or is made from a combination of natural and synthetic latex. It is flexible, resilient and expertly adapts to the shape of the body. It shows high resistance to deformation and has antibacterial properties.
POLYURETHANE FOAM – the most popular base foam used in the production of mattresses. This material is lightweight, durable and resistant to damage. The density of the foam varies and is chosen in line with the design of a particular mattress.
40° WASH – The selected mattress cover can be washed at 40°C.
POCKET SPRING – The pocket spring core consists of springs encased in individual fabric pockets, which, when working together, guarantee point-by-point support of the body along its entire length. Spring density is 260 springs/m2.
HANDLES – The cover chosen for the model is fitted with fabric handles that make it easier to turn the mattress over and carry it. When selecting a replacement cover, this option is not always available.
VENTILATION – Products with this symbol feature optimum air flow thanks to the use of special ventilation bands or a specific design of the core.
SEPARABLE ZIPPER – The cover selected for the mattress has a separable zipper which that allows the material to be separated into two parts.

Product description:

The Cora mattress is the quintessence of comfort and durability. The combination of as many as five layers of raw materials ensures maximum sleep comfort, and the reinforced springs that form the core of the mattress guarantee stability and high resistance to deformation.

Each square meter of the mattress has 260 springs distributed in seven different firmness zones. They provide the body with point-by-point support, regardless of the sleeping position. Cora is an ideal mattress to share with your other half. As the springs are encased in individual pockets, the “wave” effect is eliminated, which means that the other person does not feel you turning over in your sleep. The pocket springs form a solid base for deformation-resistant foam that enhances the properties of latex, adapts to the body and increases the height of the mattress. The latex felt underneath the cover supports the body perfectly, is soft to the touch and gentle on the skin. It is also safe for those who suffer from allergies. Its surface does not attract or absorb dust and prevents the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi. It also guarantees the highest level of ventilation. Specially profiled channels allow unrestricted air flow inside the mattress core.

Cora is a safe rehabilitation mattress, and therefore its VAT rate is only 8%. It relieves discomfort associated with spinal ailments, assuring the correct position of the spine throughout the night, regardless of the sleeping position adopted.

This design not only ensures that moisture is effectively removed from the inside of the mattress, but it also supports the process of supplying oxygen to the body. The Cora mattress stands for comfort you won’t have to say goodbye to for many years.

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