Who are we?

Janpol is a Polish manufacturer of mattresses, beds, support frames, pillows and mattress accessories. This family company with Polish capital was built by people full of dedication and passion. Janpol mattresses answer our customers’ every need. Our products are a combination of traditional solutions with the most innovative materials available on the market. The superior quality of our products is achieved thanks to a modern production line which uses environmentally friendly materials. Janpol products tangibly improve the sleeping comfort of our customers, which has a positive impact on many different aspects of their lives. Our 30 years of experience allow us to provide highest quality standards, excellent customer service, professional advice and solutions adapted to individual requirements.

What can we do for you?

Mattresses are only one of our specialities. Janpol creates complete bedroom solutions, which consist of a bed, support frame, mattress, and even a beautiful headboard which is individually tailored to your needs. Our product range also includes pillows and other accessories which enhance the comfort of using our primary products. We do all this with the utmost care and using the best quality, tried-and-tested materials sourced from Poland and Europe. Our products are handmade, and we treat all the ideas of our customers, even the most complex, as a challenge which we are always happy to accept.

Why should you choose our products?

Janpol mattresses are not simply products – they change your life for the better. That is why we are guided by a particular approach in their creation. We can’t tell you how to achieve your dreams, but we can give you the energy needed to achieve them. This energy is sleep, and since we spend one-third of our lives sleeping, we should make sure we sleep well. We can sleep, but we can also have a good sleep. And that’s the difference. At Janpol, we believe that by choosing our products, you will feel this difference too. Our experience and creative passion enable us to manufacture mattresses of the highest quality. This is why we have succeeded in getting where we are now and why we continue to grow. But we don’t need to talk about it. We hope to hear it from you when you have had a good sleep on one of our mattresses. Let us now take you on a journey into the world of innovative materials, exciting designs and clever solutions adapted to your every need.

And this is how it all happened...

Janpol is all about people. This may sound a little grandiose, but it’s the truth. Our company is made up of people who all share the same passion. With their commitment, the owners enthuse the whole team and vice versa, while their collective ideas are the first step in giving you better sleep.

We could always retell in detail the entire history of our company, which spans nearly thirty years, but a visit to our factory is a must in order to understand our philosophy. Anyone who has ever paid us a visit can confirm this.

So, the story about how Janpol was created will be brief. The company was born out of a conviction that Poles could expect more.

When the quality of sleep began to be of paramount importance to Poles, they began to replace their sofa beds with Janpol mattresses.

This was the beginning of the 1990s. Jan Kłosowski (founder of JANPOL) brings the first mattresses from Germany, initially for his daughter and her husband, and later for resale. The interest shown in these mattresses is enormous.

This is when an idea is created to start producing them in Poland. The plant begins its operation in a building leased from a coal mine, and the team numbers only six people. Spring and foam mattresses, most popular at that time, are made at a facility which once functioned as a vocational school. The floor space is small, the product range limited, but the passion and commitment of employees are boundless.

In the subsequent years, small workshop areas gradually transform into the factory we can see today. And although over the years so much has changed, especially when we consider the surface area of the plant, the number of employees, the number of mattresses sold and the range of products on offer, certain values have remained unaltered. Quality, people, passion and growth have continued to be our shared values for the last 30 years. As a result, JANPOL remains the leader in mattress sales both in Poland and abroad, and can compete with the largest manufacturers in its sector.

The concern for people and their continued improvement are anything but empty words. Our company is built by people with a shared passion – it is their ideas that initiate a certain path, which through their work and commitment has its finishing point in your home.

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