How to choose the right mattress?


Mattresses can be soft, medium or firm. If you are a petite person, you should consider purchasing a medium mattress, while a firm mattress is better for heavier users.


Different mattress types (bonnell spring, pocket, latex, foam, viscoelastic) offer different properties. If you share the bed with another person, you should buy a pocket mattress. Thanks to its structure, it reacts to pressure on a point-by-point basis so you do not feel when the other person moves. Allergy sufferers will benefit from the perfect air circulation ensured by latex, while those who prefer traditional solutions will be happy with the comfort and durability of foam mattresses.


Find out what a given cover and core layer are made of. There are different solutions available, including summer/winter covers. The summer side (cotton) provides efficient ventilation during hot nights, while the winter side (sheep wool quilt) maintains body temperature and improves blood circulation. You should also consider buying a mattress in a washable cover.


To check whether a given mattress is right for you, perform a simple test. Assume your two most frequent body positions during sleep: when you lie on your side, the spine should be almost in a straight line; otherwise, your legs and arms will quickly begin to tingle. When you lie on your back, the lumbar region should not be arched or fit closely to the mattress.